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Thanks for this. It helps me see why my attempt at an online coaching business flopped. There were too many people in my ear convincing me that being more visible, vulnerable, and building an audience (among other tactics) were the keys to being successful. Instead of admitting these don't work (for me and many others) they insisted there was something wrong with me and my "energy" or commitment, as many online marketers do. Those tactics probably could work with certain conditions, like having a recognizable name, which I also didn't have. So I got out before the trending audios and reels that would have eaten my soul, and settled for a life of obscurity. It's more peaceful this way. Also yes I see how easy it is to resort to manipulative tactics which are so common and easy to spot now.

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Glad this landed for you and that you got out of the game before it took your soul! I have an audience today only because I started in 2009 when things were oh-so-very different. I literally could not maintain the work required to build an audience from scratch today.

I know a lot of people who exist in "obscurity" online but have massively successful businesses. They just offer recognizable products or services that people WANT to buy!

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