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OH MY MY MY....this is the crux of our broken selves, of why we don't look to each other on the sidewalk and smile...what's there to smile about when you don't even know why you feel so empty. You just are. So sad, so wrong. What have we done? We've pivoted off a while back, off the center of our reason for being here in the first place! Tara, I'm so happy to find you! Thank you so much for spelling out, simply, a huge deficit, a huge gap between joy and hell, stupor. Stupor from toiling for nothing, an invisible jail. Where is our VALUE! I was a massage therapist in NYC and I felt I really added value to a lot of tense wonderful New Yorkers. I am an actor and this was how I paid my rent. On many occasions it was more satisfying than reading another script where the woman's part was once again weak or uninteresting. I learned to write my own! I believe we can create OUR OWN WORK with great value again. We may have to build our own communities from scratch again. Rewrite the story of Earth People. My whole body stiffens in objection to working META. I just can't. I can feel my heart shut down and then my joy stops. Let's start a HEART MOVEMENT! ❣️

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