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I'm so glad you addressed this topic, Tara! As small business owner working with other SBOs I've heard the, "what's going on because I thought the economy is doing great" comment many times in the past several months. It's so interesting that during the pandemic it's like the "powers that be" couldn't hold the reigns and workers flourished (hmm). And now things are reverting back as the control/reigns tighten. In the online business world I see the "echo chambers" you explain in another article starting to *have* to readjust. The higher prices of courses and services that push perceived value aren't getting the response they did even earlier this year. People don't want to or can't afford it. Not to mention a lot of people are now back to paying student debt that was suspended. I think people are also just tired. We had this flurry of upheaval (both good and bad) during the pandemic and now we're feeling adrenal fatigue as we come down. We're in this weird lull of waiting to see what will happen, yet needing to figure out how to adjust -- but to what?

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