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Different example/direction, but similar-ish issue in my world that I think about all the time: small business owners trying to do their own books and accounting. About 1 in 1000 doesn't screw it up.

In general platforms and software have given people an idea and tools to do highly skilled work (Canva...even TurboTax); I see all sorts of folks taking on bookkeeping and accounting and approaching as "learning software" rather than "learning accounting." So, folks learn the how to software actions in QBO or Xero work, but don't spend time learning accounting, and then totally hose their books in the process. It's one of the best examples of entrepreneurial DIY culture running aground in areas that do require a lot of knowledge and skill.

(Why and whether accounting needs to be so complex is another can of worms for another day...as is the devaluation of bookkeeping as a skill, as opposed to say, CPA/tax accounting work (gender is the tldr on that one))

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Oooooh - super duper love the distinction between 'learning software' and 'learning accounting.' SPOT ON.

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Trying to please the algorithm leads to deskilling, yes! It makes so much sense when you put it in the context of factory work!

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