Great point about work displacement.

I like buying on line, fare card scanners, even eyeball scanners at the airport, but I don't like self checkouts, and some aspects of the experience I hate, for example the way I'm assumed to be a thief by default.

I live in a small neighborhood on a small island. Our local supermarket is community owned. I know all the cashiers by name, and they know me. One even subscribes to my Substack. I like being asked in person if I'd like to round up to support this month's local charity. Lonliness is an epidemic, and for some of my neighbors these might be the only humans they talk to for days at a time. That was certainly the case for my father. I'm an introvert, neurodivergent, and I hate small talk. But I like a human at the checkout.

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Great explanation for why so many professors don’t shift to independent online courses and why many life coaches / therapists don’t end up marketing themselves.

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