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I’m (almost) always available to speak to your organization, present a keynote, or lead a workshop for your event. And as long as you don’t want me to write a listicle of ways to make 7-figures as a creator, I’m always available for commissioned writing. Have another project in mind? That’s cool, too! Let me know what you’re thinking:

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Are you a coach, manager, or leader who wants to help people develop healthier relationships to work?

I offer a 12-week training program designed to help coaches, managers, and leaders guide the people they work with into new relationships with work. If your people want to slow down, hustle less, or create more sustainable work habits, this program might be for you.

At this point, you’ve noticed that wanting to change your relationship to work and actually changing your relationship to work are two entirely different projects. One of the big reasons why material change is such a challenge is that the beliefs we hold and the stories we tell about work go unexamined. The systems we operate in prevent us from questioning the status quo.

In Work In Practice, you’ll examine those stories and question those systems. You’ll gain tools for working with your clients or team members and enhance your analysis of the obstacles to change.

The next cohort begins February 8, 2024.

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Looking for one-to-one help with a challenge or opportunity?

Book an Insight Intensive to work with me on business strategy, communication, offer development, planning, or (just about) anything else you’d like me to weigh in on.

Sessions are 75 minutes and include pre-session document review, call recording, transcript, and notes/additional resources (as needed). Learn more and book below.

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Are you a podcaster or aspiring podcaster looking for help with show management, production, and strategy?

YellowHouse.Media is a boutique audio production agency for people who think differently about business, leadership, and daily life.

We offer end-to-end podcast production so that you can focus on content instead of checklists. We also offer “house calls”—75-minute consultations with Sean McMullin, my husband & co-founder at YHM.

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