Strange New Work

Our power grows as we share it. But how do you actually start power-sharing at work? I asked Tania Luna, author of Lead Together.
The internet depends on people willing to do this work. Are we willing to pay for it?
Self-help gurus would like you to believe that you have a purpose—and that purpose is work.
How would dramatically reducing the house and life work you're responsible for change the kinds of work you do?
There are plenty of sci-fi stories about imperialism and cultural violence—they can help us recognize and change norms at work.
How does work change when we give ourselves the necessary time instead of treating everything like an emergency? Plus, ideas from Jordan Maney & Joanna…
Morgan Harper Nichols realized that creating fictional worlds gave her a way to "imagine what a world could be like where I felt I belonged."
The future of work doesn't have to be an extension of today's reality.
The best way to think about how work could be better is to start from scratch—and defy all of our preconceived notions.